Return of Moving Supplies

Boxes Toronto will refund money on any unused moving boxes and packing supplies.


Bring boxes to the facility, with original bill of sale, in an unused condition. Terms and conditions will apply.


Exchange of moving boxes and packing materials.

Boxes Toronto will be pleased to exchange any unused items and return money (if due) to cost difference in moving supplies.

Used moving boxes and moving supplies.

Boxes Toronto does not sell used or cheap moving boxes or moving supplies. If you wish to dispose of used moving containers and moving supplies, you may bring them to an XYZ Storage location for deposit in our “Buddy Box” for free distribution to your neighbours in need of moving supplies. Learn more about our Buddy Box system here.

Boxes Toronto is an Ontario licensed collector of recycling E-waste. We also have bins on site provided by The Kidney Foundation of Canada and Oasis Clothing Bank for unwanted clothing items.