Tarp Cover 12×16


The incredibly versatile U-Haul Tarp Covers have numerous protective applications: protecting cargo in the bed of a truck, covering floors and furniture while moving, painting or renovating, and much more. They protect from dirt, dust, mildew, water, acid, salt, and alkalies. Their lightweight, waterproof, mildew-proof and crack-resistant design makes them one of the best protective options.

  • Tarp Dimensions Available: 9’ x 12’ and 12’ x 16’
  • Tarp Color: Orange
  • Rugged, woven polyethylene fabric laminated with a polyethylene film
  • Heavy-duty rustproof grommets every 3 feet
  • Rope sewed in hem along all sides
  • Mildew-proof and crack-resistant even at -20 degrees Fahrenheit